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  “Method of training delivery was remarkable. Examples linked to individual industries make thoughts clear.”
Mr. Anup Singh, Executive - Q.A., Aarti Industries Limited
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Training Calendar from June to August 2016

Timings: 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Month Dates Location
June 26th & 27th Dubai
June 28th & 29th Abu Dhabi
July 8th & 9th Mumbai
July 15th & 16th (Weekend Batch) Abu Dhabi
July 18th & 19th Dubai
July 20th & 21st Abu Dhabi
July 22nd & 29th (Weekend Batch) Dubai
August 1st & 2nd Dubai
August 3rd & 4th Abu Dhabi
August 5th & 12th (Weekend Batch) Abu Dhabi
August 19th & 26th (Weekend Batch) Dubai
August 21st & 22nd Dubai
August 23rd & 24th Abu Dhabi
July 3rd & 4th Dubai
July 24th & 25th Dubai
August 7th & 8th Dubai
August 10th & 11th Abu Dhabi
August 28th & 29th Dubai
August 30th & 31st Abu Dhabi
June 26th Dubai
June 28th Abu Dhabi
July 8th Mumbai
July 15th (Weekend Batch) Abu Dhabi
July 18th Dubai
July 20th Abu Dhabi
July 22nd (Weekend Batch) Dubai
August 1st Dubai
August 3rd Abu Dhabi
August 5th (Weekend Batch) Abu Dhabi
August 19th (Weekend Batch) Dubai
August 21st Dubai
August 23rd Abu Dhabi
July 3rd Dubai
July 24th Dubai
August 7th Dubai
August 10th Abu Dhabi
August 28th Dubai
August 30th Abu Dhabi
July 26th, 27th & 28th Abu Dhabi
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